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Story of Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma touches audience hearts Ravi SHarma style of humour is not only rare but also makes you think

Ravi Sharma is a popular Indian radio jockey and T.V Artist, who is being working with Lyca Media, Dilse Radio "The Ravi Show ", "This is popular program on Lyca Dilse radio. Ravi Sharama is a brilliant Stage hoster and Actor with a very high level of energy and positive vibes. He gets standing ovation from the audience and everyone cry with his superb performances. His humour and one liner are very crisp. By his great sense of humour, he had become very famous and favorite personality in U.K. Ravi Sharma is very famous for his heavy voice, his character impersonations (imitation of popular Indian/Bollywood and Hollywood actors as well as creating new characters from real life) and his sense of humour.


Mr. Ravi Sharma is a great and multi talented artist, in his spare time he offers Religious services, Wedding Ceremonies and Stage Hosting.

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Ravi Sharma - Chintan

Chintan can change lives. Whether you are having a good or a bad day, the power of Chintan can change your mood and thoughts.